WebApp Builder Widget Keypress Event

08-19-2021 01:33 AM
New Contributor

Hi there,

Unsure if this is the correct place to ask but I'm working on a measure widget through WebApp Builder that has an undo function whilst the user is plotting points. I was wondering if it were possible to implement a constant listener for keypresses which would ideally call my custom made function to undo the last drawn point by the user.

This undo feature already exists but only when the user completes the sketch which isn't what I want. I want this feature to be possible to call during the sketch... Whether the mouse is moving or not.

I have DMed some very helpful people here and the closest solution I got to was trying to implement an event within the _measureMove function but that didn't quite work and it relies on the mouse being in motion.

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.

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