VR WebScene in a browser with Cardboard

03-08-2019 10:43 AM
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Is it possible to load a web scene (with bookmarks) in a browser and to be compatible with a Cardboard?

Thanks to Raúl Jiménez Ortega, I know it can be combined JS API that allows you to obtain device orientation (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Detecting_device_orientation)


Richie Carmichael

Rex Hansen

Isaac Sánchez Castro

Adrien Meriaux

Alejandro Pequeño Pulleiro

Raúl Jiménez Ortega

Jorge Barrachina Gutiérrez

Marina VR

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I have never tried but I guess it should be possible. Has anyone tried combining the JS API with  the WebVR spec? I have also something about WebVR 2 or WebXR Device API...

I have also found a slide from Esri DevSummit Europe in 2017: "Exploring VR with ArcGIS" that said:

You can find ArcGIS 360 VR here, but in my understanding it was a native app.

And I have also though that maybe it could be accomplished combining the Gamepad integration that Richie Carmichael did with the devideorientation provided by the browser, does it make sense?



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