Using layer.sublayer to reference Feature layers in MapImageLayer

12-12-2018 03:09 PM
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So I have a Mapservice that consists of a number of Feature Layers. So at REST endpoint each service has a URL ending in... :


If I want to run some geometry operations on these FeatureLayers, I was hoping to create a new layer:

   let myLayer = new MapImageLayer({
         url : https://.........../MapServer"

and then later, reference the underlying FeatureLayers as


But that results in 'undefined'. Is such only possible after I reference each sublayer when creating myLayer, such as...

   let myLayer = new MapImageLayer({
      sublayers : [
         {id : 0},
         {id : 1},
Or is there a simpler way to bring in all Feature layer and make them accessible? Can create list or collection of all feature layers and then reference them by index?
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   Your issue is the method is called findSublayerById NOT findSubLayersById

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Robert, thanks for chiming in and for all your other contributions throughout the community. Keep seeing your name all over the place. I think I may have snuck in the extra "s" when making my post because my original code the correct method. I guess where I was going with this question was whether I can only reference sublayers that are explicitly declared when I create my MapImageLayer, which means I'd have to list foo 13 sublayers along with creating naming names for them for later reference. I had hoped there would be a way to access the sublayers along with the names visible at the REST endpoint without having to hardcode them into my MapImageLayer definition.

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