user login with federated portal

08-12-2019 09:34 AM
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I'd like to use the JS API platform for a website where users can login and post comments on documents. Those comments would get stored in a table that only that user can edit, but all others can see.

It would be nice to store that data in a hosted feature service in our Enterprise Portal. We could also use token based security for the entire site by simply loading a secured table, ect... along with the identityManger class.

My question is re: user logins.

1) Is there any way around having 25 dedicated level 2 users?

2) I assume level 2 users are required since each would have editing capabilities on the hosted feature layer?

3) Perhaps we could use a proxy stored (hard coded) level 2 credential, then after login, ask the user what their name is, then use the name to filter the hosted feature layer, ect...?

thanks, any ideas are helpful.

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