Use time slider to represent temporal data using GeoJSON in a 3D scene

01-30-2021 05:31 AM
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Hi everyone, I'm currently using ArcGIS API Javascript 4.18 version. Suppose I have the location information with the related number of people (crowd) over time (e.g. 1 month, 10 mins interval). This data is stored in GeoJSON. I'm now facing difficulty in showing the crowd size at different times.

This project is in a 3D scene, the location data and building shape is stored in the GeoJSON.

I was wondering how to construct a GeoJSON that can store the crowd data in a given 10 mins interval across few months and represent the number of the crowd using a color ramp.
The below is my data, screenshot. Thank you very much.


Building visualization with color ramp in 3D scene


Sample GeoJSON


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