Upload data to ArcGis Online JS4.15

05-26-2020 04:04 AM
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Hello community

I am looking for any example code o documentation for uploading a shapefile (.zip) to my ArcGIS account, for example my ArcGIS online, using the Javascript 4.15 API for Arcgis and save it

I tried use a XMLHttpRequest to load data to "https://services6.arcgis.com/xxxxxxx/ArcGIS/rest/services?token=xxxxx...." but there is not file uploaded.

Someone has tried something like this?Could someone bring me a example how I could do this?

Very thanks everyone

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Hi, thanks for your help

I guess I should have an ArcGis Enterprise account, right?

Not possible with a standard ArcGIS account?

I'm still researching on this

Thanks again

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