Update/Refresh featureLayer on featureLayer Color Change using Renderer

03-11-2011 06:28 AM
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Hi All,

I have a featureLayer of counties that are either one of two colors based on the results of a calculation, using the unique value renederer. The user can adjust a slider, which adjust the calculation and produces new results, updating the colors of the map.

This works fine for solid colors; however I want to use semi-transparent colors. This is where my problem arises, because the semi-transparent colors do not replace each other like the solid colors, creating new colors from the combination of the two semi-transparent colors.

I have tried to refresh the featureLayer (featureLayer.refresh()), when the slider is adjusted and when the call is made to assign the colors to the renderer, but either that does not work or I am not implementing the refresh correctly.

Any insight/help on how to get the semi-transparent colors to replace each other correctly and/or implement the refresh would be greatly appreciated.

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The graphics have to be refreshed. Easiest way is
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