Take 2: displayId of undefined in filename https://js.arcgis.com/4.20/esri/views/2d/layers/features/Pipeline.js

08-03-2021 07:07 AM
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I reported this issue few days ago. I resolved by referencing V4.19 of the API. However, found that V4.19 of API causes the Sketch/Circle tool to add duplicate points in the polygon array which cause an external data API call to error with duplicate points. V4.20/4.21 works fine in that respect, and it's more important that the sketch/circle tool work correctly. So, I'm back to trying to figure out this problem. Is there any solution to this? I attached error log.

Error occurs when I try to apply layer edits, code below:

//graphics is array of graphic points

const deleteEdits = {
deleteFeatures: graphics

.then((results) => { ... do some stuff ...}

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4.21 is not 100% stable, it's the "next" release of the API. If you can provide a repro case, we can take a look if you make an issue here https://github.com/Esri/feedback-js-api-next

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Thanks Rene - I get same behavior with V4.20 and V4.21. I will submit issue as you requested and will post log from V4.20. I've attached log of V4.20 to this reply.

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