Switching between InfoTemplates using arrows.

03-20-2019 08:23 AM
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I have a InfoTemplate that sets content based on the click of a feature. When people switch through features using the arrows on the popup, the function that sets the content does not fire. I imagine the arrows do not count as a click event, how do I handle this? There are three features that overlap each other, two of them are in the same feature class, one of them is a different feature class. Switching with the arrows between the two feature classes show the appropriate popups for each, but the feature layer with the two features selected uses the same information in both popups as the content is set based on a click. If I click either of these features independently where they do not overlap, their content sets correctly.

hbMgmtTractFL.on("click", function (feature) {
    var OID = feature.graphic.attributes.OBJECTID;
    relatedTractAttrb('popupContent', OID);

function relatedTractAttrb(purpose, oids) {
    //set all the content

I have looked at the documentation and I don't see a clear event for switching between features with the arrows. I thought it was supposed to act as a click event, but I suppose not?

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