Smart Mapping with Google Sheets

10-04-2019 07:27 AM
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I am tasked with a very interesting project. I have a google sheets document that contains non spatial data. I have a custom ArcGIS Javascript API map that has a states shapefile from AGOL. I want this google sheets doc to be "live" in the map. I have read ESRI documents about uploading a CSV into AGOL but it needs a spatial which this does not have. I have looked at several different scenerios. One would be a python script using Pygsheets or using another cloud based storage system to reference the spreadsheet. Sorry if that was confusing but some advice would be greatly appreciated!

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If the google sheets document contains non-spatial data, does it contain any fields in common with the states shapefile from AGOL? If so, you could try to join the date together.

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