Smart Mapping renderer - color choices?

03-11-2016 07:40 AM
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I'm trying to wrap my head around the smart map renderers.  I like that it simplifies the process of generating something like a choropleth map, but I'm having a hard time telling if I have any control over the colors used.  I see that I can find the scheme, but I'm not sure if I can change it, make my own, or only look at what's available.

When your using AGOL, you have several choices of color ramps to choose from.  This makes me think that somewhere in the API reference there is an equivalent set of settings.  Maybe not.   I'm trying to match some older maps, which use an orange color ramp.  I don't care so much about defining the specific breakouts or each individual colors for the breaks, but I do need to change the over all coloring used.

There are never enough details in the documentation to suit me, but for such a powerful set of tools, I was surprised there weren't more examples to work from.  I'm starting with Smart Mapping - Render class breaks with color | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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Just popping in 4.5 years later to say that I'm also struggling with this issue of specifying a color ramp with Smart Mapping in the 4.x API. From what I can tell in the 4.x docs it seems like this should be possible, but there are no example showing how to accomplish such a feat.

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