Skip User Login and Sign-in with his Credentials into ArcGIS Server to Authenticate the Services from WebAppBuilder

03-23-2017 05:54 PM
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Hello Everyone, 

This is regarding the Authenticating the Services on a WebMap without getting the Prompt for Username and Password on a Web App Builder Application.

So below are the steps that will illustrate my scenario:  

1. I have hosted some Map and Feature Servies in ArcGIS Server and secured them with the LDAP users and groups  on ArcGIS Server

 So obviously when I try to access the REST page they will prompt to Login where I will be able to see authorized  services 

2. Now I have created WebMaps in my Organisation Portal, with the services mentioned above.
3. I have downloaded the Web App Builder and creating an Application with the WebMaps mentioned in the Point 2 from the Portal.

4. Now we will get a prompt for the Login into the services to access the WebMap. 

Can someone please suggest an approach to avoid the Login into the ArcGIS Services. 

Also to give more information, The Application that was created in the Web App Builder point 3 was downloaded and this is getting redirected from an LDAP authentication which will generate a JWT token for me and navigate me to Web App Builder project. 

I have done some analysis on the below Authetications : 

1. oAuth2.0 --> As I don't have any application that is being used from ArcGIS online or ArcGIS portal, This didn't help me 

2. Token Based authentication and user logins --> In this case we need to authenticate each and every services but I want it to be done across the WebMap. 

3. HTTP/Windows authentication --> Only way to use this is a Proxy , Is it suggestable from the security standpoint to use a Proxy , If yes can I do it though Passing the Credentials to this or by JWT token ? Can someone suggest through a pseudo code. 

Any suggestions in getting this addressed, Please suggest a way for implementation ? 

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   I don't use LDAP but the way this is normally handled is to setup a proxy on your web server and supply the user name and password in the proxy.config to bypass the login prompt. Most of main configuration work is done on the proxy in the proxy.config. In WAB main config.json you just set the proxy url and add proxy rules for your secured service urls.

GitHub - Esri/resource-proxy: Proxy files for DotNet, Java and PHP. 

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