shared template for editing features?

01-04-2021 01:03 PM
New Contributor III

I'm looking at the docs for FormTemplates and FeatureColumns for editing feature classes (with either Feature Forms or Feature Tables), and I'm not sure if what I need to do is possible.

Feature Template  

Feature Column 

I have about 26 different feature classes that need to be edited with either FeatureForm or FeatureTable, and they only have a few fields in common. Is there some  syntax that would allow me to just enable all fields for editing in a template, except for a few specifically named fields (like Custom_ID?) that they all have in common? I've tried experimenting with "*" and "%" in the sandbox but so far no results. I would rather not make 26 different editor form templates covering every field in each feature - is it possible to do this with just one template or feature column configuration?

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