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01-22-2016 09:37 AM
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I would like to customize the InfoTemplate that pops up when the search widget is used, but I'm having some unexpected results. Here is my code for the search source:

//Lots layer


            featureLayer: lyrLots,

            searchFields: ["PID", "LOT_NO", "OWNER"],

            exactMatch: false,

            outFields: ["*"],

     displayField: "LOT_NO",

            suggestionTemplate: "PID: ${PID}, Lot #: ${LOT_NO}, Owner: ${OWNER}",

            name: "Lots",

            placeholder: "Search Lots",

            maxResults: 6,

            maxSuggestions: 6,

            //Create an InfoTemplate and include fields

            infoTemplate: new InfoTemplate("Lots", "PID: ${PID}</br>Lot #: ${LOT_NO}</br>Owner: ${OWNER}</br>Title Link: ${TITLE_LINK:testLink}"),

            minCharacters: 0


And the code to customize "Title Link" depending on whether a link is present or not:

    //The following determines whether a hyperlink is present in a field. If no hyperlink, the field will

    //show "Not available" in the infoWindow. If there is a hyperlink, the field will show "Click to open" as a hyperlink

    testLink = function (value, key, data) {

        var result = "";

        //If hyperlink field is null or contains a space, add "Not available" to the infoWindow

        if((value === " " && typeof value === "string")||(value === null && typeof value === "object") || (typeof value === "undefined")){

            result = "Not available";



        //Add the hyperlink if present

        else {

            result = "<a href ='" + value + "' target='_blank'>Click to open</a>";


        alert("Result: " + result);

        return result;


If I open my map and do a search immediately, it seems "testLink" is not firing. I tried placing an alert window in testLink and it does not pop up so I know testLink is not even running. However, if I do an "Identify" (which also uses testLink to format links in its resulting infoWindow) and then do a search, "testLink" does run and format things correctly. Once an "identify" has been performed, testLink will run when subsequent searches are performed but I have no idea why this is. Does anyone have any ideas?

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