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04-25-2019 10:13 AM
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We need to convert RouteResult to JSON. When we try RouteResult.toJSON() we get a {} result. We are using JavaScript 4.11. toJSON() does work on the properties (directions, etc.) of RouteResult.

// Example of issue.routeTask.solve(routeParams).then(function (data) {const routeResult = data.routeResults[0];const routeResultJson = routeResult.toJSON();console.log(routeResultJson) /* Result is {} */

Thank, Jay.

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Hi Biraja,

Thanks for the quick response! We did see this community link and unfortunately, it does not address our question.

The solution it provides actually does not address using toJSON on a RouteResult. It addresses turning the route property of a RouteResult to JSON. The solution is also using.JSON.stringify (not toJSON()).

We are trying to convert the RouteResult using the toJSON() method. We did try JSON.stringify and it returned "{}" as well.

We need to know if we are doing something wrong or the RouteResult object itself cannot be converted to JSON, only the properties.

Thanks, Jay.

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Hi there, 

This issue will be fixed at version 4.12 which will be released end of June, 2019.

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