Remove github dependencies in npm

04-22-2020 07:19 AM
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This is really more of a request than a question, but the github repository for arcgis_js_api says to report issues here.

The npm repository version of arcgis_js_api has dependencies on several dojo components. However, it links to them in an ESRI github repository rather than using normal npm dependencies. I am at a location that has the global NPM repository mirrored without access to github. As such I had to use an npm shrinkwrap file to override the published dependencies to point to the corresponding npm versions of the dojo components. It would be very helpful and much more standard to have the dependencies set to regular versions to allow them to be pulled from npm rather than github.

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Unfortunately, in order to support our wider user base at the moment, we need to use our forked github repos that have specific patches for our use cases, including various locale updates. In the future though, later this year to earlier next year, all those github dependencies will go away. This should make your builds easier.