"findAddressCandidates" returning different country results

07-28-2018 11:19 PM
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I am new to ArcGIS and trying to figure how the "findAddressCandidates" works.

I have this end point which lists out results based on category "food" from Canada:


If I change the category to "dentist" then my results are from Mexico?


Just wanted to know how I can get results from Canada, is there something that I am missing?

Also is it possible to confine my results based on a radius?

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Look through the documentation:

findAddressCandidates—ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service | ArcGIS for Developers 

There are a few parameters that you could pass to help prevent this issue.

For Example, you could try adding a "countryCode" parameter or you can customize the search extent using the "searchExtent" parameter.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the response and link and sorry for the late reply.  I am working on this part time.  

I have tried various combination, with countryCode, after looking over the API documentation but I am still not able to produce results for dental offices.  For example the following outputs of coffee shops for Markham, Ontario, Canada but if I change the key word "coffee" to "dentist" then results are invalid?


The parameter "searchExtent" is an area based on a rectangle or a square.  Is there a way to get results based on a specific radius?  Based on the documentation, proximity searches has a radius 50, 000 meters.  Is there a way to reduce this result to 6000 meters?

My end goal is to be able to get all dental offices on a specific radius (6000 meters) based on a specif point (latitude and longitude).  If there is not possible using the "findAddressCandidates" then can you point me to a direct that I should be looking into?

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There is no way to reduce the Location property's radius.  Use searchExtent instead.  I'm not sure what's going on with the results when you include countryCode.

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Category filtering—ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service | ArcGIS for Developers 

"food" is a Category Level 2 search term which means results of all sub-categories types will be returned.  On the other hand "dentist" is a Category Level 3 term; when using the Level 3 terms I normally also include the Level 2 term. Try specifying "Professional and Other Places" in addition to "dentist":