Protoype Error Loading Map

10-11-2021 09:23 PM
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Using Webpack with Rails 5/StimulusJS to load a map in an application.  webpack config:

new ArcGISPlugin({
// exclude 3D modules from build
features: {
locales: ['en','es'],
"3d": false

 stimulus controller:

import {Controller} from "stimulus"
import esriConfig from '@arcgis/core/config';
import esriMap from "@arcgis/core/WebMap";
import mapView from "@arcgis/core/views/MapView"

export default class extends Controller {
connect() {
esriConfig.apiKey = "<APIKEY>";

const map = new esriMap({
basemap: "topo-vector" // Basemap layer service
// basemap: "streets-navigation-vector"
const view = new mapView({
map: map,
center: document.getElementById("jurisdiction-centerpoint").innerText.split(","), // Longitude, latitude
zoom: 13, // Zoom level
container: "map-search-results" // Div element


The map control loads with a generic background tile and the following error in console:

TileInfoViewPOT.js:55 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
at t.getTileCoverage (TileInfoViewPOT.js:55)
at a.update (TileManager.js:79)
at p.update (VectorTileLayerView2D.js:196)
at processUpdate (LayerView2D.js:119)
at a._updateLayerView (FrameTask.js:75)
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at p.forEach (Collection.js:276)
at c.update (FrameTask.js:32)
at scheduling.js:133
at n.forAll (PooledArray.js:173)

Any help is appreciated!


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