Polygons not rendering after changing visibility property.

10-06-2021 04:13 PM
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Hello.  I am using the ArcGIS Javascript API.  Unfortunately I cannot share relevant code.

I am having an issue with re-rendering certain polygons through their visibility property on a featurelayer after running the Featurelayer.applyEdits() function.  

This issue only occurs with polygons that have rings with the same x and y coordinates.

Drawing the polygon for the first time works fine.

Any insight on why it behaves this way?

Here is the error:


[esri.views.3d.layers.graphics.Graphics3DCore] Graphic in layer [layer.id] has no geometry and will not render

This polygon does not re-render:

  let myEsriPolygon = new EsriPolygon({
    rings: [
      [[0,1,150], [1,1,150], [1,0,150], [0,0,150], [0,1,150]],
      [[0,1,15000], [1,1,15000], [1,0,15000], [0,0,15000], [0,1,15000]],
Example line of code:
FeatureLayerView.FeatureLayer.applyEdits({ updateFeatures: GraphicArray });
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