Plain "vanilla" Javascript vs frameworks/libraries

04-08-2021 06:26 AM
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With so many tools available out there for building a Javascript application, how do you decide what's necessary, or especially helpful, vs something that is unnecessary overhead (a performance hit, file cache, long term maintenance, upgrades, etc.)?

Other than being familiar with JQuery, I have not yet taken the time to learn about all the libraries and frameworks available for integrating with my .NET / ArcGIS Javascript (4.x) application that is currently built with plain Javascript and Dojo classes. I keep wondering if I need to gain an in-depth understanding of TypeScript, Ember, React, and/or many other resources that could potentially improve my application.

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The case for frameworks should probably more restricted than many people have let on. I agree with you though, it's confusing and overwhelming. Here's an interesting video that I think applies to your case.

A framework author's case against frameworks | Go Make Things

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Hey, thanks! The word "bloat" is exactly what I had in mind. I'll take a look at the video.

I'm sure this topic could be relevant for countless other beginner to intermediate level JS developers.

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