Optimizing applications using esri-loader

06-05-2019 01:23 AM
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I am working on an Angular application using esri-loader.

How do you optimize your applications to make it load faster?

I can read from the network log that the biggest slowdowns are the dojo.js and the pe-wasm.wasm file, both using 4-5 seconds.

What is your optimizing strategy? Is it possible to work around it using the esri-loader with preloading or bundling the files needed in the application? Other options? Now it takes around 20s to load the application and that is way too slow!

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Kristoffer, any chance you can re-post your question to the esri-loader, or angular-cli-esri-map github repos? For questions specifically about working with 3rd party JS frameworks (e.g. Angular, React, Vue, etc) we try to steer as much conversation to the respective github repos.

In general, we recommend following the same best practices you would use for stand-alone JavaScript applications. Here's a DevSummit presentation that covers many of the aspects about performance in modern web apps, especially starting at around 25:52: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzj8fY-vBrk&list=PLaPDDLTCmy4Y0GMTl0O4V6LF3EmxIAivv&index=162&t=0s 



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