On the vector tile layer coordinate system

06-29-2021 07:45 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I'm a novice of ArcGIS for JS. I'm studying vector tile recently. I've tried publishing services on ArcGIS online and changing colors. I'd like to make sure that the layers / vector tile layer API only accepts EPSG: 4326? Whether other coordinate systems can be parsed and displayed on the web page, of course, only if I provide my own vector tile service.

Another problem is that I use the Tippecanoe tool provided by mapbox to process geojson and generate PBF format slices. In ArcGIS online, I use the same ShapeFile to publish online services. After changing root.json, the color matching is very beautiful, but it doesn't work to use this root.json in the PBF cut by Tippecanoe, Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the content of root. JSON. If you can help me solve this puzzle, I can only control two colors: Type: fill and type: line. Obviously, the style of ArcGIS online is too different.

I've been working on a custom coordinate system vector tile service recently, and I don't know if it will succeed.

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