[Off Topic] What JavaScript interview questions might you expect for an entry-level position?

08-09-2021 04:43 AM
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I probably should have elaborated on the situation. I believe I don't need to know anything about SNOW coming into this interview because they're hiring a group of folks for their Accenture ServiceNow Training Academy. That is, at least, my assumption based on the information provided by the recruiter. In addition, it was the recruiter that approached me about the opportunity.

Personal projects have given me experience with full-stack web development. I don't have any professional web development experience in a commercial setting, but I am now working with a client to develop a full-stack application for their small business. JavaScript/Node.js is used to create applications. Accenture is interviewing me for a role as a ServiceNow Implementation Support Specialist. This is an entry-level position, according to the recruiter. For six weeks, I would be trained (remotely) on how to use ServiceNow. I'm assuming the technical interview questions will solely be about JavaScript because they're educating us on ServiceNow. Because the recruiter stated in a message before to the phone interview that there will be a "exam on JavaScript," I believe my guess is correct. With that in mind, what JavaScript-related subjects are most likely to be more discussed during the interview? I looked through the ServiceNow literature and the "ServiceNow JavaScript Primer" to get a sense of what to expect, but I'm still unsure. Because the primer included callbacks, it's possible that questions about JavaScript promises will be raised. My problem is that I'm not sure what level of JavaScript is used with the ServiceNow platform. A word of caution: while I have experience designing full-stack applications with JavaScript, I am not very technical. For example, if you asked me to explain a callback function, I'd fall flat on my face and gaze to the heavens for guidance. This is entirely due to the manner in which I handled learning JavaScript. I learned the fundamentals of JavaScript, but I didn't utilise any vanilla JS and instead went straight to Vue.js, a JavaScript framework.

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There are some great JavaScript and interview resources online. Here are some general computer science interview ones:



And some specific to JavaScript interviews:




These ones aren't specific to interviews but contain technical JavaScript concepts that may come up:



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