New Developer: working with JavaScript API (but may switch), retrieving 123Survy data

08-02-2017 03:10 PM
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Hello I am developing a middle-ware to speak to Arcgis and store data on server or just display. I am having lot of difficulty with the documentation. Here are few questions:

1) If I want to only work with Survey123 data is JavaScript API best approach?

2) Where is documentation on how to make those kind of requests and how are you being authenticated?

Would like end result to be along the lines:

- Login to headquarters of company, initiate connection to Arcgis to query results of Survey123 (store in database or just display)

1) Authenticaiton 2) requests: -> request!

Thanks hopefully I was clear enough on what I am trying to accomplish

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Survey123 data is stored as a hosted feature service in AGOL. You can query the data the same as any other feature service (eg. ..../FeatureServer/0/query?). Remember surveys can have relationships and these are generally another layer within the feature service you can query as well.

The way you suggested is correct

  • Login
  • generate token
  • query feature service with token attachment
  • return what you need and display, etc. as you want


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Thanks for the help Anthony, I am wondering is JavaScript best approach for what I am building here for my client? Their company /dashboard is built on .NET framework, even though I am on the relatively right track I still don't understand (and can't find) information on how to initiate the authentication with ARCGIS? Once my user is logged in to and they click eg. View Surveys I would like to connect that user to ARCGIS at that point (how? how does that call look and what do I need to make it? ARCGIS API Key? + user and pass ) and from there I would like to query results of Surveys.


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