Modify Identify Dijit

04-21-2010 07:10 PM
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Hope someone able to guide me on this one.

I'm trying to modify Identify Dijit (code gallery example) and add a button so that the identify dijit is activated only once a button is clicked.And deactivate identify dijit when the deactivate button is click.

I also had tried to change this line 'dojo.connect(, "onClick", this._mapClickHandler')' to this line 'dojo.connect(this.toolbar, "onDrawEnd", this._mapClickHandler)'. I'm trying to use 'draw toolbar' for map point instead of 'map onclick' method.But failed.Does anyone have a good example I can follow.Thank you.

This is the link
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I would like to do the same thing plus maybe update the identify dijit to work with version 1.6 API?....also multiple map services (more than 2) ?

Thank you
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