Minimizing feature layer redraw in Web Appbuilder Developer Edition

01-28-2019 03:36 PM
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I am using Web Appbuilder Dev Edition 2.11 to consume a webmap from ArcGIS Portal/Enterprise 10.6.1. The webmap contains a feature service feature layer with a fair number of vertices in its geometry, to the point that it takes a few seconds to load. This would not be problematic if the app just accessed the feature layer on the server on the speified refresh interval.  But it essentially re-accesses and redraws the layer with every pan and zoom. In the webmap I was able to set the feature layer mode to SNAPSHOT mode which prevents it from reloading the entire data set every time a user pans and zooms when using the portal webmap viewer. When I consume this map in Web AppBuilder however the map no longer seems to honor the SNAPSHOT mode setting. What are the options, if any, to prevent Web Appbuilder from making a call back to the server for the entire data set every time the map is panned or zoomed.

I have seen in the JSAPI that there is an an option to specify the mode for when adding a layer to a map with:

mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_SNAPSHOT

But since WAB is loading the layer as part of the preconfigured webmap, I don't see where in the WAB code I can specify that option.

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