Measurement Widget selects existing graphics in Graphic Layer (Sketch widget)

12-03-2021 01:34 PM
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I am trying to use both the Sketch and Measurement widgets in a single map view. I do not want the graphics to be editable once the graphic is drawn so I set updateOnGraphicClick to false on construction of the Sketch widget.

When I switch to a Measurement tool and click on the map view where the graphic is it selects the graphic and I am unable to do the measurement. If I click outside the graphic as the first measure point (line or area) and then click a point inside the graphic it seems to work fine. Is this the intended use of the Measurement widget?

I would like to think you can use the Measurement widget independently of the graphics on the map view.

I am using the 4.21 api.

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Hi @CameronBlandy, thanks for the question. Are you setting the "updateOnGraphicClick" property on the Sketch widget, or SketchViewModel? If you set it on the ViewModel, it seems to behave as expected.

test-app (with measure)


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