MapView.scale - Accessor set and get - async?

11-08-2019 09:47 AM
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Dear all,

recently i came across a strange behaviour of the Esri-JavaScript Api 4.13.
The MapView.scale was set in one method, and then the getter was called in another method. But the value returned was still the old one. I stepped inside the sources to the point where the set and get methods are implemented (Accessor, then MapView) and realised that there is a flag "internallyReady", which, in case of the getter, is used to decide which value to return, the old one or the new one.

I locked up the Api-Docs, but there was not any note about the scale property being asynchronous. To me it seems kind of odd, that a getter/setter is showing this kind behaviour. When is it save to call the getter to receive the value that was actually set?

Am i missing something?

Best regards

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Hi there, 

You should watch for view.updating property to get the updated scale value. Please look at the Watch for Property changes section in this document.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Undral,

sorry for answering so late, thanks for the tip! We managed to get around this, but i will keep the updating-property in mind.


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