Map Rendering Issue on 4.10

01-03-2019 11:00 AM
New Contributor

We are experiencing an issue with overall map rendering on version 4.10. The font, lines, and basically anything that has an edge is jagged/distorted/aliased. In 4.9 edges are clean and smooth but in 4.10 the are jagged. This is something we believe seriously degrades from the user experience.

This can be easily replicated by changing the JS API version on any of the example sandboxes. Example:

ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox

Screenshots are attached showing the problem. See the "Dallas" label as an example. Might need to right-click image and "Open in New Tab" to see full res.

We found this out as we made the change to 4.10 and our basemap lines were all jagged/distorted/aliased.

4.9 Example - Looks as it should

4.10 Example - Labels are messed up

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