Map Navigation (Pan/Zoom) not working in Chrome at API v3.4

03-26-2013 06:38 AM
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Is anyone else seeing that map navigation (pan, zoom in/out) is broken in Chrome at ArcGIS JS API v3.4? 

I have tried several samples and map navigation is not working at all in Chrome.  The same samples work fine in firefox and IE.  Samples using older version of the API (3.2, 3.3) navigation works fine in Chrome.  I have even taken a 3.4 sample and pointed it to 3.3 and navigation starts to work, so I believe this is a possible new bug.

I have the latest version of Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m

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Had the same problem, after reading this thread,
and after struggling for an hour I've found that someone at work installed the windows feature "Tablet PC Components" which i guessed made all the problems.

So, simply uninstall it -> Control panel -> Uninstall a program -> Turn windows features on or off. Uncheck the "Tablet PC Components", perform the reboot as u asked. and then everything will work.

or just wait for the next version of esri ;)
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I'm on 3.5 and the issue still exists for Chrome.
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Seems this is an issue we are getting reported to us by more and more users of Windows touch enabled machines.  Any update on if this has been addressed on the API level?  Still seems to be an issue with the latest Chrome v36 and ESRI JS v3.8