Map dragging instead of vertex moving when editing in 4.x version?

12-28-2019 12:03 PM
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Hi, I implemented graphic editing using esri/widgets/Sketch/SketchViewModel and I notice that there are a lot of times when I get map dragging instead graphic or it's vertex moving... I am using update() method with "reshape" tool.

I mean: I am hovering over editable feature or it's vertex, than I am clicking and dragging that feature or it's vertex... but I get only map dragging instead of that feature editing... It occurs sometimes, not all the time... I guess it depends on computer. It may be more pronounced on slower computers.

It is quite annoying for an user. Is it a known bug/feature/poor implementation of editing?

P. S. I am working with polygons, but I can reproduce it on your sample Editor widget with configurations | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.14 too.

Just mark some line for editing, hover over vertex (it visually becomes bigger) and don't hesitate to drag that vertex. I get map dragging almost all the time  

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Hi Denis,

Are you seeing this behavior across different types of browsers?


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I guess no... It depends on computer more. By the way, I have noticed that sometimes one point vertex kinda detaches from polygon after editing, but it reconnects the polygon after another move. I could post some screenshots later this week. It's not a big deal, but a small visual bug.

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Hi there, 

We will explore the options to improve the user experience when trying to move graphics over other graphics. 



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I've also implemented the SketchViewModel to edit polygons and am experiencing the same issues as Denis:

  • When trying to move a polygon vertex, sometimes the map pans instead
  • When trying to move a polygon vertex, sometimes the mouse cursor gets offset from the vertex that is being moved
  • The problem occurs sporadically
  • Using the latest version of Chrome

The source of the problem seems to be a slight delay when hovering over a vertex. A vertex doesn't get selected in time due to the hover delay and the map ends up being panned. There is also a noticeable delay when moving a cursor into a polygon. There is a noticeable delay changing from the cursor (outside the polygon) to the mouse pointer (inside the polygon). 

I thought other layer graphics might be interfering, but the issues still occur when there is only a single (polygon) layer that is editable. 

This is a showstopper for the application I'm currently developing. Has a bug report been created? I'm willing to provide any additional intel you need. 

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Please note that I could not replicate the problem in version 4.12. Will keep testing since this is a sporadic issue, but it looks like a change in 4.13 is the culprit.

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Thanks for digging deeper! It's great to hear I am not alone with this problem

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I opened a case with technical support on this issue and a defect has been created. I encourage anyone to please follow the instructions below to escalate. IMHO this is a major issue that affects all vertex editing operations.

I would like to inform you that I have logged a defect for the issue we are facing and following are the details of the same:

  • BUG-000128018

    • Synopsis: In ArcGIS API for JavaScript, map is panning sporadically on trying to drag a vertex using SketchViewModel widget.

    • Status: New

To give the concern team a hint of people affected with this defect, I have attached it to your case, so you can view the status of it in your My ESRI page. Please let me know if you are not able to see the bug information on the portal.

Also, if you would like to escalate the defects, please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Log on to

  2. Go to My Organizations tab.

  3. Under this select Support -> Bugs.

  4. Click the specific Defect ID you want to escalate.

  5. On the right hand-side of the Bug Details page, click Escalate.

  6. Complete the Escalation form and then click on Escalate Bug button.

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Some of our customers have also reported this problem to us. In some cases this error prevents the complete use of the editing function.

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Dennis I agree this is a serious bug that makes geometry editing nearly impossible. This core functionality has to be addressed in the next release. I was notified the new defect that was created was a duplicate. That's a bit frustrating since I spent substantial time proving the bug to ESRI support and it was already documented. If you would, please escalate bug BUG-000126854. 

The status of Esri BUG-000128018 - In ArcGIS API for JavaScript, map is panning sporadically on trying to drag a vertex using SketchViewModel widget - that you have been associated with has been changed to Not in Current Product Plan.
Public Explanation: Duplicate of BUG-000126854: This is already logged in a previous bug, BUG-000126854
Case Number: 02471209
Duplicate Bug Number: BUG-000126854

If you would like to view additional information about this bug, please login to My Esri and enter BUG-000128018 in Quick Search.

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