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07-19-2019 08:25 AM
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I am hosting a public facing Crowdsource Reporter app on our own server. I would like to replace the standard Search bar which uses ArcGIS World Geocoding Service.

I would like to use my own Search bar that uses a custom geocoding service and presents the results in a more user-friendly format for people to pick a street in our district rather than searching the world.

The code for the above widget is:

var locatorURL = "{URL}/GeocodeServer";
var geocodeSearch = new Search(
		sources: [{
			locator: new Locator(locatorURL),
			singleLineFieldName: "StreetNameMerged",
			outFields: ["StreetNameMerged"],
			name: "Street Names",
			placeholder: "Search for a Street Name"
		map: map,
		enableSearchingAll: false,
		autoComplete: true
	}, "geocodeSearch"				

Is this possible? I've looked through the code and as a novice developer I'm baffled!

Any help would be great.


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It looks like that at around line 295 of the crowdsource-reporter-master\js\utils\utils.js file there is some logic for the Geocoder:

createGeocoderInstance: function () {
//Default geocoder url
var geocodeURL = "https://geocode.arcgis.com/arcgis/rest/services/World/GeocodeServer";


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Thanks for the suggestion. I've just tried that but it still only looks at the world geocode service. I've also filled in the URL in the geocode helperServices in crowdsource-reporter-master\config\defaults.js line 49 and this had no effect either.

I tried stating the URL in crowdsource-reporter-master\js\widgets\locator\locator.js line 230 where the locator is created   

locator = new Locator(geocoders.url);  

But this still didnt seem work. I'm still at a loss.


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