Load secured private layer with app login

04-04-2019 08:22 AM
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I'm developing angular/ruby on rails web application. For arcgis we are using javascript api. Is it possible to access private layers hosted on arcgis online with app id.

Layer.fromPortalItem({ portalItem: { // autocasts new PortalItem() id: "8444e275037549c1acab02d2626daaee" } }).then(function(layer){ // add the layer to the map map.add(layer); });

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Hi Rudy, absolutely. See this page on app logins and using a proxy:


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Hello Noah,

Thanks for reply. Do you have some sample code? Can I login using proxy?

This is stated in documentation:

App login can be used to access any of these services:

There are certain limitations and restrictions using app login.

Capabilities table

CapabilityApp login[3]Named user login [1]
Geocoding [2]
Routing [2]
Demographic data [2]
Premium layers and imagery [2]
Elevation analysis [2]
Spatial analysis [2]
Read public content
Read content owned by user
Read content shared with user [2]
Create/update/delete user's content
Create/update/delete shared content [2]
Share content with other users [2]

[1] Usage (if any) billed to a user's organization.

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Hmmm, I guess you're not allowed to app logins for private layers/services. Well, you're certainly allowed to use the Esri resource proxy for this use case.

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Thanks I intend to try this. Can printtask service work with layers that go trough proxy?

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Yes, this should work fine. You may need to host your own printing service though.

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We managed to access protected layer using arcgis toke, it is easier to use than proxy.

$http.get('/esri_layer/token').success(function (resp) {
  server: url,
  token: resp.access_token,
  expires: resp.expires,
  ssl: true

Can printing service be used with Arcgis online developer account.

It seams that print service is not working properly for examples, they are failing to generate print


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