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10-16-2019 06:05 AM
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Hi there,
recently I publish one service in 10.7 was a label, I would like in my app in JS API, change this attribute, like as "repeatLabel", "repeatLabelDistance" set this values in 'drawinfo' in my request in the service, but this doesn't work. I try to use it in "rest/export" , but the same situation above.
look my code:

service with a label

[{"id":"168","source":{ "type":"mapLayer", "mapLayerId":"168" },
"labelingInfo": [{"labelExpression":"[nome]",
"labelExpressionInfo": { "expression":"$feature[\"nome\"]" },
"labelPlacement": "esriServerLinePlacementAboveAlong",

"repeatLabel": true,
"useCodedValues": true,
"symbol": {
"type": "esriTS",
"color": [52, 52,52,255],
"verticalAlignment": "bottom",
"horizontalAlignment": "left",
"rightToLeft": false,
"font": {
"family": "Tahoma",
"size": 7,
"style": "normal",
"weight": "normal",
"decoration": "none"

In other services, in 10.6 version these properties work, see this link

Another thing I would like to change the "Line Placement" like "river placement" and "street placement", but I have not found how we can use the "maplex" in JS API attributes.

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