[Javascript API] Invalid field: working with incorrect field names

06-17-2020 12:01 AM
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I am trying to use a Scene Layer in my code from the living atlas which contains field name such as "abc.de" or "abc de". When I use one of these fields as outfield, I get an error: "field-attributes-layer:invalid-field".

I have searched and it seems that it is not possible to use this kind of field names in ArcGIS so it is maybe alias. But do you know where I can find the real field name if it is the case?

And if it is not an alias, is there a way to still use them?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Arthur Genet,

Can you please indicate which Scene Layer from the Living Atlas you are using? And would it be possible to share the code of your app?

With this additional information someone in the community might be able to help.