Javascript API 4.12 - Is it possible to use the Esri Web Style Symbols in a dropdown menu?

08-14-2019 12:23 PM
New Contributor

I want the user to be able to select the symbol of the features on the map. Currently I just have symbol names, can I replace these with actual symbols? (Circle, Square, Cross, etc.)

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Esri Contributor

I'm not sure I understand your question very well, but assuming you have a style item with myltiple symbols (either published by you or by esri) you could request the symbols in that style and they have thumbnails that you can display in a drop-down list. 

So for example for the icons style: you could make a request to get the item and then request the data associated with it using fetchData().

const portal = new Portal({url: ""});

portal.load().then(function() {
   // Create query parameters for the portal search
   const queryParams = new PortalQueryParams({
       query: "id: a91ce080e9414810b71d55edc51b5837"

   // Get the item based on the queryParams created from portal above
       return items.results[0].fetchData();

I made a live sample here: