JavaScript 4.x - Projecting State Plane Coordinates to Web Mercator - Having an Issue

04-11-2019 08:53 AM
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Hello everyone, I added a snippet of code that allows for displaying the coordinates on the map as the cursor moves.  Right now, the existing coordinates are on OK State Plane North Coordinates.  I want to project these coordinates to a WGS 1984 or a Web Mercator (3857) - (see image below and coordinated within red box):

I have tried a number of things to reproject these coordinates, but cannot get this to work.  I do have a geometry service defined within the application.  Things I have tried include:

new ProjectParameters

also something like this:

var geomSer = new GeometryService( ... );

var params = new ProjectParameters({

   geometries: [point],



   transformation: transformation


Overall, the API documentation isn't that great or are there any good examples to follow to see how this is done.

Here is my current code snippet:

// Map - Display Coordinates in Lower Left of Map
function displayMapCoords(evt) {
   var coordinatePoints = mapView.toMap({x: evt.x, y: evt.y});  
   var XCoordinates = coordinatePoints.x.toFixed(6);
   var YCoordinates = coordinatePoints.y.toFixed(6);
   var combinedXYCoordinates = XCoordinates + ", " + YCoordinates;
   console.log("Oklahoma State Plane North coordinates are (X, Y): ", combinedXYCoordinates);

   // Display Map Coordinates in Map
   dom.byId("mapCoordinates").innerHTML = XCoordinates + ", " + YCoordinates;

// Update Coordinates as Mouse Moves
   mapView.on("pointer-move", displayMapCoords);

Are there any suggestions on how to return the coordinates back to a WGS 1984 or Web Mercator projection?

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Hello Robert.  I was looking at that widget yesterday and it is really nice, but takes up a little too much real-estate.  I really like what I came up with for the app.  I do want to get this to work, just so I know it can be done.

With that said, I may end up looking at it again and add it as a tool with the measurement widget...perhaps up here (see red box)?

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   If that is the case then you should look at using the projection class. It allows for re-projecting geometries clientside without a round trip to the server.