Is it possible to make the symbol of a graphic clickable?

09-10-2018 11:12 AM
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Hi there! I'm working with a map where there is graphics with polygon geometry covering the map and point geometry for specific locations. I was wondering if it's possible to make the symbol as a whole clickable, such that clicking anywhere on the symbol would bring up the associated popupTemplate. 

Following is the symbol geometry:

   var markersymbol = {
      type: "simple-marker", 
      style: "path",
      path: markerPath, 
      size: "22px",
      outline: {
         width: 2 

and the geometry:

geometry: {
   type: "point",
   longitude: viewModel.hospitals.longitude,
   latitude: viewModel.hospitals.latitude,
   spatialRefernece: 102100

Overall I'm trying to make the information stored in these popups easier to access. Generally, the accuracy of clicks on the map itself isn't great, and these location markers are always at the end of the list of points. Any help/insight is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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  That is how it work for points currently. It is the symbol that gets the click event attached, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to click a point geometry.