Ignore extra header rows using CSVLayer

03-03-2020 12:19 PM
New Contributor III

I'm trying to use CSVLayer with some reports generated from a Novastar 5 server.  However these reports get generated with a couple additional header rows containing the report title and details and the actual headers containing the column names doesn't start until row 6. 

Is there any way to make CSVLayer start on a specific row of the .csv?  I guess I can find some other tool to parse through the .csv manually and create a layer from that data, but it'd be nice to use CSVLayer as it's pretty convenient.

Edit:  Still would love to know if this is possible, but I think I came up with a jank workaround at my end.  I renamed the report to ",d2,d30,d7,h1,h12,h2,h24,h3,h6,m15,m20,m30,sn,st,cdec,Elev,latitude,longitude,nm,id,staid,tag,ru".  Since it prints the title on the first row of the .csv that will now function as column headers, except for the first field which is now "Report: ".

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