Identify/hover over functionality with .mvt vector tiles

08-19-2021 09:52 AM
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I've been having issues with mapbox vector tile identify functionality for an app i'm developing with the ESRI JS API. Specifically, I can't get the identify interactivity/click over behavior to function as it should for a vector map tile. When I load my VectorTileLayer, they function as if they were raster tiles, with limited mouse-over behavior. Attached is a screenshot of the extent of the identify behavior i've been able to configure.


Also i'm having trouble with the tilejson metadata, is there a way to visualize this on a web map built with the Esri JS API?



Going back a few years on several threads, it looks like many other people have the same issue and i'm wondering if there's been any updates, or if this is on the future roadmap for ESRI.

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The JSAPI doesn't support cooked attributes in vector tiles. Only layer ids to update styles.

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I'd love to have this feature as well. Any news on when this functionality will be added to ArcGIS Javascript API?  I've been able to do this in Mapbox GL JS for years. 

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