I have upgraded ArcGIS API for javascript from 4.11 to 4.12.

07-24-2019 04:45 AM
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I have upgraded ArcGIS API for javascript from 4.11 to 4.12. now I am getting attached error on console while running application. If you have any idea how to resolve, please suggest.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Suraj,

I have a couple ideas, first I would make sure that your values are the proper type, such as having a string when you need an integer. I would then make sure that you are specifying the spatialReference of the geometry you are creating. I would also try adding the "type" attribute to your geometry as well, such as "type":"point"

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This might be related to the breaking changes here:


  • The DateString, DateFormat, and NumberFormat formatter functions are no longer supported when used with a PopupTemplate's content and/or title. Instead, set it via the FieldInfo's fieldInfoFormat.
  • Use the new esri/intl module and its respective methods in places referencing the esri/core/lang.substitute(), dojo/number.format(), and dojo/date.format() methods.
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