How to search client-side feature layers or other types of layers?

01-01-2021 09:12 PM
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I saw that the Search widget only supports locators and feature layers not created by client-side graphics (docs). Bummer.

I have data living in a non-ArcGIS cloud database. I need it added to a map. I want a unified search widget that can accept the usual addresses and location names, but also the names of these objects living in my cloud database.

I don't want to create a custom search widget. And I want to avoid having to copy data from one database to another.

Does anybody know of a clever workaround to all this? Perhaps some way to create a live feature feed using my cloud database?

Thanks in advance.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Great question. This requires further testing, but it should work with layers like CSVLayer, GeoJSONLayer, and OGCFeatureLayer. It should only be the client-side FeatureLayer that will not work.

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