How to Export from WFS to SHP or KMZ in WebApp builder?

06-08-2020 09:19 AM
by Anonymous User
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I know this question has been asked a few time on here, but I don't seem to be getting a clear answer. 

We have serveral WFS & WMS services published on our ArcServer machines and want users to be able to extract them. 


We want users to select parcels with a tool then allow them to export to shpfile or kmz with a simple UI in a WebApp. 

This is what I've tried so far. 

  1. Geoprocessing service example: Clip And Ship—ArcMap | ArcGIS Desktop- Not sure if this works with WFS? I can't get this to really work. Is this meant for what I'm trying to accomplish ? 

Add "Export to SHP" or "Export to GDB" option to WAB Select Widget  - 

The following work-around was provided by Esri development:

  1. Enable the “Export” capability for Select widget
  2. Use “Save to My Content” on the selection to save the selection to your portal as an Feature Collection item
  3. Go to the saved Feature Collection item’s details page
  4. Use “Publish” button to publish it as a hosted feature layer
  5. Use the “Export Data” capability of the hosted feature layer to export it to Shapefile.

This process is not ideal for us. We would also like to have KML. 


These are the Tools I have available:





Is there a way I can publish a GP tool on our servers with the FME module. To accomplish this.


Thanks !

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