How to ensure multiple LayerViews are ready

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03-14-2021 08:26 PM
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Hi,  I'm new to the JavaScript API and am trying to use client side layerviews.  If I am working with multiple feature layers and want to make sure all of them are ready to use, is there an alternative to this nested ugliness?



        view.whenLayerView(myFirstLayer).then(function (myFirstLayerView) {
          view.whenLayerView(mySecondLayer).then(function (mySecondLayerView) {
            view.whenLayerView(myThirdLayer).then(function (myThirdLayerView) {
              // now that I know all my layer views are ready I can do things with them




I did see the following and was thinking it would be clearer to just to do this 3 times



var layerView = await view.whenLayerView(layer);




but got an error message that said "await is only valid in async functions and the top level bodies of modules".  I saw the following at the top but don't really understand when I have to use it since most samples don't use it.



require([...], function (...) {

(async () => {




Any help would be appreciated.




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