How to display an Esri Map on MVC view from an HTML file?

02-12-2020 05:27 AM
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I would like to know how to display an Esri Map on a ASP.Net MVC view from an HTML file.

I have an HTML file that contains a JavaScript code. This file can display the map and the widgets when I open it with any internet browser. It is working fine. But now I want to display that map on an ASP.Net MVC view. This is what I have done:

<h2 class="panel-title" data-toggle="collapse" href="#projectmap">Project Map</h2><div id="projectmap" class="panel-collapse collapse">  <div class="panel-body">    <div class="form-group">       @Html.Raw(File.ReadAllText(Server.MapPath("~/Views/Application/default.html")))     </div>  </div></div>

But it displays only the Sketch widget, it does not display the map. I have also tried to write the JavaScript code manually on the .cshtml file and use the div container to display the map, it still displays the Sketch widget only. I have also tried the partial views, it does not work.
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I found a similar thread that might be useful: Using ArcGIS API for JavaScript with ASP.Net MVC

And we have a .NET and the Esri JavaScript API place on GeoNet as well that might be helpful.

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