How to cluster other geometry than "points"? And advice for clustering functionality in future ArcGIS JS API releases.

07-15-2020 06:43 AM
Esri Contributor

Hi guys we got some support questions from customers in which we are interested if anyone of you knows more about these issues and maybe how to achieve them with the tools available right now.

1) Is it true right now only points are supported for clustering? If yes: is it planned to support other geometry types as well, e.g. lines and polygons?
We already opened an issue and an enhancement request for this topic - see:

2) Is is planned to support an „exploding animation“ for clusters on click (and/or mouseover) to get an object for each clustered object to access the individuell object information (via pop-up)?

as shown in the uploaded pictures: 2_clusteranimation and 2_clusteranimation_popup

3) Is it true, that right now only FeatureServer services are supported for clustering? If yes: is it planned to support other service types as well, e.g. MapServer services?

4) Are there any plans to adopt the functionality which could make it possible to see which types of features and how many of them per category are clustered?

as shown in the uploaded picture: 4_clusteranimation_advancedlabeling

Thanks for your suggestions, opinions and information in advance!

Best regards!


PS: With the currently available tools of the ArcGIS JS API maybe point 2) could be solved like this (maybe even point 4 with a similar approach, just not on a mouse event, but as soon as the MapView is ready)

  • then add the returned features as Graphics to the MapView (obviously adding the needed GraphicsLayer previously)
  • create a popupTemplate for the newly added Graphics
  • if the pointer leaves the current cluster remove all the Graphics from GraphicsLayer
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