How to change vertex geometry when sketch is active ArcGIS JS API 4.18?

05-05-2021 06:08 AM
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I try to change vertex according to the coordinates i have created when sketch is active.

I have tried changing the sketchViewModel.createGraphic property to include the new coordinates but it did not work because sketchViewModel.createGraphic property is readonly.

Anyone has the same problem?


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Hi, did you manage to find any solution?

I'm basically trying to do the same. I found a bug report that said that graphics can not be modified (it does not move the point, but geometry is changed when applied). To move to point visually you have to create a clone and asign it to the graphicsLayer sketch is using (Or you have to create new graphics layer). But with this I end up with an error that sketch does not know this graphics.

Made new thread:

Thank you for any answer!


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