How to add a OGC WMS layer to application using Javascript API 4.12

09-11-2019 11:52 PM
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I am trying to load the WMS layers into my JavaScript application, but I get a "failed to fetch” error message.

Her is my js code to just display the resource in an empty map:





      ], function(Map, MapView, WMSLayer) {

        var layer = new WMSLayer({



          sublayers: [


              name: "CDNGI_2mil_Mosaic"




        var map = new Map({

          layers: [layer]


        var view = new MapView({

          container: "viewDiv",

          map: map,

          spatialReference: 4326,



Any guidance would be much appreciated,


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i'm facing same issue. any response from the community please.

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The API is forcing the request to the WMS service to be HTTPS, but the NGI server is not providing SSL connections yet.  You must redirect the request through a proxy as described in the Proxy pages with the API | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13 

For the NGI server you can add this to your code:

urlPrefix: "",
proxyUrl: "https://<server>/proxy"

So you'll need to setup the proxy page (if you don't have one yet, which you can configure).  Use the GitHub examples: GitHub - Esri/resource-proxy: Proxy files for DotNet, Java and PHP. 

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