How to access related table associated with geometry layer?

11-19-2019 09:54 PM
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Hello, I’m new to ArcGIS so any general direction is appreciated.


I’m trying create a dot density map that animates over time week by week for one year (JavaScript).


My data set includes a shape file for every zip code in a city. The second data being check-in information broken down into 8 categories.


For Ex. [Entertainment, Food ... Etc.]


Every week includes: 

Each zip code for the city, 

and for each of those zip codes the total check-ins for each of the 8 categories.





Weekly      Zip-code   Category    Check-in Total


1/01/2019 | 90210    | Food           | 3000



I’m having trouble with how to access both on my feature layer. Is there a way to map according to the related table through the associated geometry.

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