How Search Widget can work with Client Side Layer?

01-21-2020 02:42 PM
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Hi Friends,

I have a client side layer (NOT coming from ArcGIS Server / AGOL) and I added it to the Search widget but the searching process for that layer info does not work... 


Creating Feature Layer on the client side (NOT coming from ArcGIS Server or AGOL)

* Adding the Layer to the map

* Adding the Layer to Search Widget Source

* Populating the Layer from external API data

I am using ArcGIS JS API 3.x

Is anyone know how can I integrate a Client Side Layer to the Search Widget?



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   To my knowledge that is not possible out of the box.  The search dijit states, when using a featurelayer.

a 10.3 or later feature layer that supports pagination, i.e. supportsPagination = true.

That is not something a clientside featurelayer has the capability of.

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Robert is correct, the Search dijit requires either a geocode service or a hosted feature layer.


So I do not believe that it can work with a client-side feature layer.

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